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how I celebrated international women's day...or not

I didn’t celebrate international women’s day. Or rather, I didn’t actively celebrate. I read all my friends’ message on Facebook, I reposted a few things about fabulous women we should know, I talked to a few women friends, my daughter, my mom.

But not mindfully. I didn’t make my own post. I don’t think I mentioned it to anyone out loud.

And then I got up this morning and chatted with a friend who was telling me how she celebrated…and I was like, Oh. Oops. Maybe I’m a bad woman, maybe I should be turning in my empowered feminist woman badge.

But hey, I don’t want to go down that rabbit hole. I can appreciate that some days are better than others, that some days my best is better than it is on other days.

Today, I can appreciate me, in my life, right now. I can pause and think about the strong amazing women in my family, there are many who have nurtured me and encouraged me. I can appreciate the many circles of women who have supported me through the years, and continue to do so, near and far. So many fine women showing me that there are so many ways to be in the world. I can thank the men who have held me and loved me and given me the space to learn and grow into the woman I am today.

Let me pause and take a deep breath, and just be in this moment. Let me love who I am today, thankful for all those who helped me get here. Let me breathe and feel into my body, and notice what I notice, with kindness and non-judgement. Let me, and every woman, wake up tomorrow and do the same.

And then every day will be women’s day.

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