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Being successful in the helping professions includes fully seeing the client in our work with them. This includes effectively assessing ways in which sexuality is a part of what our clients are facing. 

Professional Sexuality Consultation

for sexuality educators, medical providers, mental health therapists,

physical therapists, birth workers and somatic practitioners 

Every human has a sexuality. It integral to who we are, what we believe, what we feel, and how we respond to others. It includes not only our sexual experiences, thoughts, and fantasies but our gender identity and role, our sexual orientation and our body image. It shapes how we experience the world.

Sex and sexuality tend to be sensitive subjects, and most practitioners have not received much (or any!) sexuality education, so some practitioners tread lightly when addressing this area with clients. Sometimes that means sexual concerns are not entirely explored; other times that means they are not explored at all. Whatever concerns a client presents with, it’s important to consider and address the ways that sexuality is a part of their experience.


As a sexuality educator, I’m here to support you, so you can support your clients. I approach these sessions from a pleasure-based and consent-centered lens. I am trauma informed, kink aware, gender expansive and use a counter-normative approach to sexual wellbeing.


You are welcome to book a consult below or email me if you have questions. 

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