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Experiencing the body’s capacity for bliss is vital to one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. It invites the integration of body and spirit, and the opening of an expanded consciousness.

What is integrative bodywork?*

Loving, mindful touch can revitalize a person’s whole being by bringing together the physical, emotional and energetic levels. It can help us to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit ‘framework’, connecting us to our intuition, inner knowing, and personal guidance system.

Why is it important?

The body is a holistic organism, where nothing is isolated – everything affects us, both physically and energetically, on some level. Any experience we have ever had is held in the body, where it is until the pattern is released.

As we learn to open to our deepest pleasures, we can celebrate our deepest joys, and process fear, shame and grief. We become erotically alive and learn to see and accept ourselves are embodied beings.

What does a session look like?

First, we discuss your intention for the session and together we create a plan. You are encouraged to follow your body's inner knowing and you are welcome and encouraged to change your mind at any time! 

Through sensitive touch, and with your full, embodied choice and voice, I listen and follow the natural unwinding of your body. Sessions combine massage and breathing techniques to guide you to access your deepest body wisdom.

Sometimes, as the body relaxes and awareness opens, buried feelings may emerge. In an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, as you learn to move energy through your body, you can experience a wonderful sense of relief, release and reconnection.

Sessions are client-led and you are never asked to do anything outside of your comfort zone.

A bodywork session is your opportunity to slow down, to be curious and playful, to be you. All of you is welcomed in a safe, private, non-judgmental space.


* integrative bodywork is available to clients after they have attended an initial intake session and both practitioner and client are in embodied consent.

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