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Intimacy coaching can help lovers transform their relationship; healing trauma, smoothing misunderstandings and welcoming passion back into a stale relationship.

Relationships can be complex, and we can feel especially vulnerable around our sexuality. Often, one partner is more enthusiastic about coming to see me than the other.


The most important thing is to work together to figure out how to ensure that everyone’s needs are met.  We’ll go slow, making room for both partners to be heard. It will be worth it!


Lovers choose intimacy coaching to explore and understand a variety of needs, issues and desires, including:


  • Learning the arts of sacred touch

  • Communicating desires

  • Discovering sacred sexuality

  • Learning to ask for, give, receive and take pleasure

  • Becoming orgasmic, or more orgasmic

  • Exploring new ways of being sexual

  • Massage lessons for lovers

  • Navigating mismatched libidos

  • Learning to experience and give extended and multiple orgasms

  • Exploring female ejaculation

  • Changing habitual sexual roles or scripts

  • Exploring power and surrender as aspects of sex play and pleasure

  • And more! What do you want to explore?

Sensual Massage for Lovers

Build ecstatic connection and ignite your passion with a private, 3- hour, hands on erotic massage class. Learn how to give and to receive exquisite pleasure by incorporating embodiment practices with erotic anatomy and practical massage basics.  Lovers of all genders and sexual orientations are welcomed. $395

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