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Who can benefit from Somatic Sex Education? Everyone.

Chances are, even if someone taught you about the ‘birds and the bees’ when you were growing up, the topic of sexuality wasn’t really discussed- what it is and isn’t, what’s normal and healthy, why it matters, or what to do with it.  


Your sexuality is a powerful source of creativity, healing and joy, and exploring and nurturing your erotic potential can transform all areas of your life.  Your erotic nature is normal and natural and you were born with a capacity for pleasure, and with a natural ability to connect with yourself and others in a joyful, loving and respectful way.


Your sexuality belongs to you, forever and always, and there is no ‘right way’ to express your sexuality or the wholeness of who you are. Only you are the authority on who you are and how you want to be in the world.


Your body knows what it needs, and you can learn to notice what it is asking for, and how to choose what will best fulfil your deepest desires. Starting right where you are, using your attention and your integrity, you can discover your most authentic, delicious, wise and fully alive self.  


Together we create a strong container of acceptance, safety, and loving kindness where you can relax into yourself, and with guidance and support, you can journey to yourself through the process that is natural for you.

The Somatic Sex Educators Association has created a checklist to help you help you decide if you are ready to explore somatic sex education, and to help you find a practitioner that is right for you. 

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