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Through somatic intimacy coaching we can explore and nurture our erotic relationship with ourselves, and to learn to listen and honour the wisdom of our bodies.

Our most important relationship is with ourselves, and learning and loving who we are is the basis for a joyful, authentic life and expands our possibilities for loving and satisfying relationships with others.


Through intimacy coaching you can find deeper connection and erotic possibility with yourself or your partners.


Somatic intimacy coaching offers a personal journey of discovery, working with the body through various body-based experiences such as movement, breath, meditation, journaling and voice. I can help you:


  • Explore who you are as an erotic being

  • Learn the anatomy of arousal

  • Heal sexual dysfunction

  • Explore sexual identity

  • Learn to ask for, give, receive and take pleasure

  • Become orgasmic, or more orgasmic

  • Heal from sexual trauma or abuse

  • Discover more pleasure

  • And more


I offer intimacy coaching to anyone in an erotic relationship, with themselves or with others.

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