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In a progressive series of sessions with Tracy I have become reacquainted with my sensual and erotic self. In our sessions I have progressed from being very reluctant to speak about my sexual desires to a point where I can be quite open about my wishes. I have achieved a state where I can allow myself to release and experience my erotic energy. All of the above is proof that one is never too old to learn, that there is still much more to learn and that I am a work in progress. Thank you Tracy!

Alan, 68, Retired

When Tracy welcomes me into her world for a session, I know I am entering a sacred space.  It is cozy & restful & inviting & soothing & safe & soft & expansive & enlivening.  Her space is exactly like her person. 


With Tracy, it's all about feeling.  It's an open invitation to go inside your body & explore.


I say things I've never said before: words like body dialoguing & relax into pleasure & sexual wholeness.  I think about things I've never thought of before: throwing out the rules & blossoming sensations & new neural pathways to pleasure.  I do things I've never done before: embodiment exercises & hip circles while doing the dishes & body dialoguing.  I examine things I've never dared to look at before: how it REALLY feels & what sex is for me & what is keeping me from my sexual fullness.  I can do all of this because Tracy invites me to give myself permission.  To open the door, to trust my instincts, to talk about sex, to be brutally honest, to become a pleasure seeker. 


At one point, Tracy says to me: "And now you are ready for something different, a new way of being in your body."  And I am truly grateful that she is my guide. 

Gisele, 62, Library Technician

Experiencing a session with Tracy was amazing. She is a wonderful person and listened and understood very well to my feelings and needs that I was interested in. Tracy is very knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I highly recommend a session with Tracy if you really want to know yourself and do some personal exploration. This is also all tremendous fun.

Carlos, 38, Sales Consultant

I first contacted Tracy after having experienced an instance of premature ejaculation during an intimate moment with another person. The moment was ruined because of this instance. That experience left me feeling inadequate and frustrated. I doubted that there was any professional help available for such a condition that did not involve pharmaceuticals, which did not interest me in the least.


I was initially apprehensive about contacting her as I had never before heard of a somatic sex educator. Even though her website was very thorough in explaining what services that she offered, I still felt a bit of apprehension. I decided to contact her because I felt confident that she could help me with my issue.


During the initial telephone consultation, I felt at ease speaking with Tracy. She asked relevant questions and made me feel comfortable discussing my issue and its surrounding details.


The aspects that I liked best about working with Tracy were her gentleness, her professionalism, and her understanding. She made feel at ease almost immediately and I knew that I had made a good choice to work with her. I also love Tracy's ability to engage in playful interactions. There are no stuffy, boring interactions here. Tracy has a very endearing smile.


Under Tracy's gentle and compassionate tutelage, I was able to explore myself in great detail and come to understand much about myself. I even learned aspects about myself that appeared unrelated to my primary issue, but I discovered were very much related.


I would definitely recommend Tracy to anyone that is experiencing any issue that is affecting their ability to express themselves in an intimate manner. She is an excellent guide and will assist in helping you to discover more about yourself than you even knew that you did not know. You're in very good hands with Tracy. She will earn your trust. I have nothing but wonderful memories of my sessions with Tracy.

Ray, 53, Computer Programmer

Ray, 53, Computer Programmer

I would like to thank Tracy for the work we did together during our sessions.  I really appreciated working with her.  Tracy made me feel at ease and comfortable.  It was easy to open up and explore the themes I needed help with.  I really feel I have made a step forward with her.  Her knowledge, experience and approach helped me discover and know myself better.  Tracy is very dedicated and professional.

JF, 41, Education

For me, pleasure has been a journey, it’s complex, it’s pathways seemed obscure and inhibited, individually and societally…working with Tracy has been profound and deeply transformative. Her passion and wisdom supported me in opening to pleasure in my body and life, her ability to be utterly hilarious made me laugh out loud, her gentle insistence to learn about my boundaries, consent and have courage to be me, fully and unapologetic was very healing. Tracy has the wisdom of an elder and healer and embodies pleasure abundantly. I can’t recommend her enough

Wietske, 59, Health Worker

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