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Somatic sex education is an emerging field that uses body-based experiences to help people reclaim pleasure and transform their lives, encouraging them to nurture, deepen, and awaken to their erotic, sensual selves.

Somatic Sex Education offers a new way of understanding our bodies, our sexuality, and our erotic capacities, weaving the scientific understanding of human sexuality together with spiritual practices of erotic energy cultivation. It offers students the opportunity to expand their capacity for feeling and pleasure in the body and invites them to come home to themselves.


In my practice as a somatic sex educator, I work with people to awaken, nurture and deepen their erotic, sensual selves. By inviting pleasure into our lives, and by allowing our erotic energy to flow freely through us, we can live a more fun, more sensual and more fulfilling life, whether we have a partner or not.

I work somatically with students, inviting them to access deep body wisdom in a variety of ways including body-based exercises and experiences such as breath, movement, sensate focus and dance. Sessions may also incorporate communication and boundary-setting, journaling, and loving, mindful touch, including erotic touch.

Through somatic sex education, students can explore their own relationship to their own body.

They learn to expand their erotic feelings and capabilities and relax into their erotic being, independent of love and relationship. Students learn at their own pace, and there is room to process shame, trauma, and fear.


The focus of each session is on the student's pleasure, healing and spiritual growth. Learning to embody erotic independence can bring a profound sense of freedom and joy.


I am an educator, not a therapist. Body-based erotic education is not a substitute for physical or psychological treatment and client should seek the advice of a qualified medical specialist as appropriate. I am happy to work with other practitioners as part of an integrated health care team.

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