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let’s all be self-ishly generous

Today, let’s be generous with ourselves, when we look in the mirror, when we fall down, when we make a mistake or a fool of ourselves. Can you be self-ish enough to pick yourself up and help yourself feel better? Can you be self-ish enough to fill yourself up with love, and appreciation and kindness? Even when, especially when, the world is clamoring for your time and attention?

Can you dare to be your big, beautiful, perfectly imperfect self? Can you be self-ish enough to do whatever it takes to embody all of you? Can you move through fear towards courage, the courage to be yourself? Paint that picture, wear that blouse, take that class, write that blog, eat that cake, sing that song, whatever it is that makes your heart sing, that makes you feel like you.

And how generous are you willing to be with the world? Will you show up with all your gifts and your flaws and be in the world with me? Will you generously share your triumphs and your failures so that I can learn and grow and celebrate and grieve with you? Will you take up your space in the world, self-ishly showing me how you are you, encouraging me to be me?

Imagine your world full of self-ish folks, generously showing up, offering the world their love and trust and honesty and kindness and truth. Take a self-ish minute to bask in the glory of the vision.

Don’t be stingy with yourself, let’s be self-ishly generous, and change the world.

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