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The Gift of Receiving

Last night in the Snuggle Salon I was blessed with a fabulous embodied experience of how empowering it is to allow oneself to receive. It was a delicious opportunity to be in the moment, with my own desire, without having to consider relationship or reciprocity.

I was offered a foot massage, and all I had to do was say yes or no. I said yes. I didn’t ask myself if they really wanted to give me a foot massage, THEY OFFERED. I didn’t have to pay, or wonder if I was letting it go on too long, or think about their turn. I only had to say yes, and then receive the gift I was offered. They gave, I received, and it was heavenly.

Someone asked for a back rub. I was into that, so I offered them one. They got comfy, and I gave the best back massage I knew how, giving them all the pressure they wanted, (it was a lot!) until my arms were tired and I had to stop. I know they enjoyed it- I felt the relaxation in their body, and I heard their sighs and their thank yous. A gift well given and well received.

Later, I had the impulse to play with another snuggler’s hair. I asked if I could, and they said yes. Yay! We found a position that worked for both of us, and I stroked and tugged and played and it was great fun. What a gift – to have someone trust you enough to offer you their head, and the freedom to explore it. Occasionally they would ask “Can you massage my temples?” or “Could you do that thing you were doing some more?” and we shared this lovely time of sharing. Sometimes I was pleasing myself, exploring their head and face; sometimes offering the specific touch they were inspired to ask for. No pressure, no guilt, just enjoying where we were in the moment.

Just before the Snuggle Salon ended, I was leaning against the wall, my last partner’s back against my chest, arms wrapped around them, their arms wrapped around mine, just breathing. Two humans in a room full of humans allowing themselves pleasure.

What a gift to spend time in intimate connection, without guilt or obligation or sex or power to get in the way of being Human.

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