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“Let your body do more thinking and your mind do more dancing.”

“Let your body do more thinking and your mind do more dancing.” ~ Chungliang “Al” Huang

This. This is what I want for you. “Let your body do more thinking.” Yes! I want you to feel good in your body, to listen to its wisdom. This magnificent animal body you live it is how you come to know the world. This body is your home- your soul, your essence, everything that enlivens you makes its home in your body. Your wise body.

Your body knows. The anxious butterflies twirling in your belly that signal nervousness. The red hot colour flooding your cheeks with embarrassment. That angry tightness growling in your belly. The velvety swell of joy filling your heart. Your body knows.

Listen, listen. Is your neck aching? Ask it to share, ask it why it is sore, tell it you are here to help.

And then listen. Notice thoughts and images dancing through your mind as you listen. You may hear a story of long-held pain or fear or sadness. Listen, listen. Be with the sadness or the fear, wait with it, cradle it, until it softens with release, with the relief of being heard.

“Let your mind do more dancing.” Yes! Watch as your thoughts swirl and pulse, rise and fall, but let them continue their dance, freely. Too often we trap them, attach to them, think and think and think on them. Instead, let them be light. Open your mind and let them move through. Let your body do more thinking.

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