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Welcoming Pleasure

Celebrating the turn of the year is like pressing a reset button. It’s an opportunity for renewal, to start fresh, an invitation to begin something new. Here’s a simple ritual to close out 2016 and welcome the New Year.

Tonight, before the clock strikes midnight, take a few minutes to write down all the things you want to leave behind in 2016. Attitudes, ideas, relationships, habits- anything and everything that no longer serves you. Write them down, and then release them, just let them go. If you want to get fancy, you can light a candle and burn the paper, or tear it into tiny little bits and throw them to the wind.

When you wake up on New Year’s Day, take a few minutes to write down all the things you want to welcome into your life in 2017. What do you want more of? Allow yourself to dream. Your desires are delicious- name them. Make a vision board, write them on your mirror, draw them in your journal, or tuck them into your underwear drawer.

And then, make 2017 your year to embody your desires, your pleasure.

After all, pleasure is what and who you are. Pleasure is the very thing that nurtures life. Pleasure heals. It alters blood chemistry, enhances brain function and opens new possibilities in all areas of life. Allowing and experiencing pleasure is an invitation to express your true self with courage and creativity. Pleasure is your birthright.

Make 2017 the year you allow yourself to fully open up to your body’s amazing capacity to generate and experience boundless pleasure.

Make feeling good a priority. Tune in to your felt sense of pleasure, your needs and desires. Live in awe and appreciation of your own pleasure, and switch yourself on to a life rich with beauty, and potential.

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