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I have a beautiful big apple tree right beside my front deck, and every time I pass it, I notice that the fruit is getting bigger and redder. I’m noticing that the sun is rising later and setting earlier, and the acorns, while still greenish, are starting to drop from the mighty oaks guarding my back fence.

As the seasons change I am reminded to pay attention, to notice what’s different in my world, and my gathering basket is overflowing this harvest. Since last August, I have a new granddaughter and news of another on the way, new friends and a new home, and my mother has transplanted herself from the prairies to move in just down the road.

My somatic sexuality education private practice is expanding- I’ve been collaborating with colleagues, attended two Canadian sexuality conferences, completed 216 hours of Somatic Experiencing Trauma Resolution training and a 30 day mindful masturbation challenge, and taken on the position of Creative Administrator for the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sexology.

So much change. And a wonderful opportunity to pause to reflect upon what I’ve learned , who I was last year at this time and who I experience myself to be now, and where I want to grow.

I see myself as more confident in my work and more connected in my community. My private practice is growing and I’m inspired to see somatic sex education become more widely known and respected. In my personal life, I notice I’m a little more willing to make mistakes and admit to them, and it’s a little easier to claim and to speak my desires, even if they can’t all be fulfilled. I want to continue to grow in those directions, and towards being more loving this amazing body through which I experience the world.

Maybe you want to do a bit of harvesting too. I invite you to take a breath, pour a cup of tea, grab your notebook. Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What are the things you’ve accomplished?

  • What are the things you’ve learned?

  • Who were you last year?

  • Who do you experience yourself to be now?

  • What do you want to let go of?

  • What do you want more of?

  • Where do you want to grow?



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