• Tracy Montgomery

pleasure = satisfaction = pleasure

Oh the pleasure of being satisfied and the satisfaction of experiencing pleasure. That feeling of being enough, so completely and deliciously full, replete. That place where the cares of the world drop away and there is just you in your body in the moment.

Great sex can get you there, to that place. But what is it that makes good sex great?

Often, folks tell me that for sex to be real, pleasurable and satisfying, there must be genital orgasm, almost as if everything that comes before the orgasm only matters if there is an orgasm.

But without the expanding cycles of arousal, excitement and enjoyment, we often cannot reach orgasm, and even if we do, we might get the release, even pleasure, but not the satisfaction.

We don’t go on vacation to get to it over with; it’s the being on vacation that’s the fun part. We want to arrive home feeling satisfied, and it’s our enjoyment along the way that gets us home tired, sunburned, and full.

It’s the same with great sex. It’s not the doing of it, but the being in it. It’s experiencing the pleasure as it is evolving, the tuning into and savouring each sensation that brings us to that place of connection and satisfaction and enoughness, with or without orgasm.

Can we be satisfied with feeling pleasure? Can we feel the pleasure in being satisfied?



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