let’s all be self-ishly generous

Today, let’s be generous with ourselves, when we look in the mirror, when we fall down, when we make a mistake or a fool of ourselves. Can you be self-ish enough to pick yourself up and help yourself feel better? Can you be self-ish enough to fill yourself up with love, and appreciation and kindness? Even when, especially when, the world is clamoring for your time and attention? Can you dare to be your big, beautiful, perfectly imperfect self? Can you be self-ish enough to do whatever it takes to embody all of you? Can you move through fear towards courage, the courage to be yourself? Paint that picture, wear that blouse, take that class, write that blog, eat that cake, sing that song, whate

cultivating erotic energy - our most powerful tool for personal growth

Life is energy. We are energy, and we were all born from sexual energy, that core of fire within that burns to have experiences, to connect, to create, to bloom, to feel pleasure and joy. Our sexuality is an intrinsic part of who we are, and connecting to our erotic energy invites joyful living, bringing pleasure and aliveness into our life experience and our relationships. It’s not just about getting turned on sexually, but getting turned on to life- creatively, sensually, intellectually, and by making a difference in the world. Humans are made to experience pleasure. Pleasure nurtures and heals. It alters blood chemistry and enhances brain function. Pleasure invites connection, building tr

pleasure = satisfaction = pleasure

Oh the pleasure of being satisfied and the satisfaction of experiencing pleasure. That feeling of being enough, so completely and deliciously full, replete. That place where the cares of the world drop away and there is just you in your body in the moment. Great sex can get you there, to that place. But what is it that makes good sex great? Often, folks tell me that for sex to be real, pleasurable and satisfying, there must be genital orgasm, almost as if everything that comes before the orgasm only matters if there is an orgasm. But without the expanding cycles of arousal, excitement and enjoyment, we often cannot reach orgasm, and even if we do, we might get the release, even pleasure, bu


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