The Gift of Receiving

Last night in the Snuggle Salon I was blessed with a fabulous embodied experience of how empowering it is to allow oneself to receive. It was a delicious opportunity to be in the moment, with my own desire, without having to consider relationship or reciprocity. I was offered a foot massage, and all I had to do was say yes or no. I said yes. I didn’t ask myself if they really wanted to give me a foot massage, THEY OFFERED. I didn’t have to pay, or wonder if I was letting it go on too long, or think about their turn. I only had to say yes, and then receive the gift I was offered. They gave, I received, and it was heavenly. Someone asked for a back rub. I was into that, so I offered them one.

affirmations and body love

I’ll admit it, I’m a positive thinker. I tend to see the brighter side of things. Most of the time, I’m looking for what’s going well rather than what’s going wrong. I’ve been practicing positive thinking for a long time. I’ve been rewiring my brain to overcome my natural, human negative bias so that I am more sensitive to positive and pleasurable circumstances and less to negative ones. So when I ran across a list of positive affirmations to encourage body self-love recently, I was excited. Who doesn’t want to feel more sexy and alive? I have 5 minutes a day to feel good in my body. But then I read them, and some of them made me, fluffy-bunny-rainbow-unicorn-fairy girl, cringe. Because aff


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